Table 1

Regional variation in P-glycoprotein expression in humans and rodents

MDR, multidrug resistance; mRNA, messenger mRNA.
Yumoto19MiceEfflux rate via rhodamine-123 assaysHigh in ileum compared with duodenum
Fojo18Human tissuesMDR1 mRNAColon>jejunum>rectum>stomach/oesophagus
Fricker17Human GI tractMDR1 mRNAColon>jejunum/ileum>stomach
Chianale16Rat intestinemdr3 mRNA and rhodamine-123 assayIleum>jejunum>duodenum
Trezise20Rat intestinemdr3 mRNAModerate expression in duodenum/jejunum, maximal expression in ileum, and decreased expression from proximal to distal colon