Table 3

Studies on the effects of corticosteroids on multidrug resistance/P-glycoprotein 170 expression

AuthorSubjectDexamethasone treatedEffects
↑,increased; ―,no change; ↓, decreased;
P-gp, P-glycoprotein 170.
Zhao14Mouse hepatoma cell lineYes↑mdr1 and mdr3; ― mdr2
Human hepatoma cell lineYes↑MDR1
HeLa cell lineYes―MDR1
Salphati39Rat liverYes↑mdr2 only in male rats; ―mdr1 and mdr3 in either sex
Lin40Rat liver and intestinesYes↑P-gp both liver and intestines
Demeule41Rat organsYes↑P-gp in lungs and liver, ↓in kidneys, ?in intestines
Murakami42Rat intestinesYes↑P-gp expression and function
Rat intestines (induced acute liver and renal failure)No↑P-gp expression but ↓function