Table 5

Cell populations and transporter substances used in functional studies of MDR1 3435TT genotype

StudyCell typeExpression/function MDR1 3435TPlasma drug concentrations
Pgp, P-glycoprotein; MDR1*2 haplotype, G677T/C3435T; NA, not available, MDR, multidrug resistance; mRNA, messenger RNA.
↓, decrease;↑, increase.
Hoffmeyer47Enterocytes↓MDR1 mRNA↑Digoxin
Fellay52Peripheral blood mononuclear cells↓MDR1 mRNA and Pgp expression↓Nelfinavir and efinarvir
Kim51Transfected murine NIH-3T3↑Pgp function in vitro for MDR1*2 haplotype↓Fexofenadine
Hitzl53CD 56 natural killer cells↓MDR1 mRRNA and Pgp expressionNA
Nakamura54Duodenal enterocytes↑MDR1 mRNA↓Digoxin