Table 1

Lipid composition of gall bladder bile from C57BL/6J mice fed a control diet, a diet supplemented with 2% cholesterol, or a lithogenic diet

GroupCholesterol (mmol/l)Phospholipids (mmol/l)Bile salts (mmol/l)Gall stones or sludge (%)
Mice (n=4 for each group) were fed the different experimental diets for four weeks.
*Significantly different from the two other groups (p<0.005).
Control1.84 (0.2)14.3 (1.7)84.4 (8.3)0
2% Cholesterol5.05 (0.5)*14.2 (1.2)131.1 (10.7)*0
Lithogenic11.67 (0.4)*44.4 (1.1)*227.5 (16.4)*100