Table 2

Multipoint linkage analysis in two Finnish ICP pedigrees

Distance (cM)D2S2190 (0.0)2.40D2S111 (4.80)D7S644 (0.0)1.45D7S2410 (2.9)D18S977 (0.0)0.75D18S849 (1.5)
ICP, intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy; BSEP, bile salt export pump gene; FIC1, familial intrahepatic cholestasis 1 gene; MDR3, multiple drug resistance 3 gene; LOD score, logarithm of odds score.
LOD scores were calculated using the Genehunter 2.0 version.
LOD score family 1−0.26−0.23−0.24−1.090.430.73−1.25−1.24−1.24
LOD score family−1.38−1.38−1.40−1.86−1.86−1.86
Total LOD score0.860.830.76−2.47−0.95−0.67−3.11−3.10−3.10