Table 2

Univariate assessment of risk factors for death among elective transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt patients

Cox (overall survival)
ParameterPatients (n)Regression coefficientStandard errorp Value
Cox proportional hazards regression model was performed to assess risk factors for overall survival. Positive coefficients imply that the risk of death increases with increasing values of risk factor. The p values reflect the role of chance in these findings. The relative risk attributable to a risk factor can be estimated from the regression coefficient.
INR, international normalised ratio.
Sex (male)471−
Age475 0.0190.0060.002
Log (creatinine)377 0.4990.1520.001
Log (INR)372 0.6040.2940.04
Log (bilirubin)371 0.2680.0980.006
Prothrombin time372−0.0080.0050.095
Cause of cirrhosis408−0.0370.1930.85
Indication (bleeding)420 0.3460.1620.033
Aetiology (alcoholic)387 0.0950.120.636
Ascites (grade 3)313 0.3620.1160.002