Table 1

Clinical and biological features of 17 patients at the time of transplantation for autoimmune hepatitis

Values are mean (SD) [range] or number.
*One patient had no detectable autoantibodies but gamma globulin was >25 g/l; data not available in three cases.
OLT, orthotopic liver transplantation; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; ANA, antinuclear antibodies; SMA, smooth muscle antibodies; LKM, liver kidney microsome; LC1, liver cytosol type 1.
Age (y)30 (12) [12–49]
Sex (F/M)17/0
Indication for OLT
    Decompensated cirrhosisn=14
    Fulminant/subfulminant hepatitisn=3
Serum markers at transplantation
    Prothrombin time (% of normal)38 (19.7) [9–82]
    Total bilirubin (mM/l)143.6 (166.25) [22–50]
    ALT (IU/l)246.0 (239.7) [22–605]
Gamma globulin level (g/l)23.2 (6.1) [14–33]
    ANA and/or SMA >1:80n=9*
    LKM1 and/or LC1 >1:40n=4
    DR3+ (1 homozygous and 
   2 heterozygous)3/17
    DR4+ (3 heterozygous)3/17