Table 3

Clinical and immunological status at the time of biological and histological recurrence in all patients who had recurrence of autoimmune hepatitis

Patient (OLT)Pre-OLT autoantibody titreHLA DR
 (donor/ recipient)Duration of follow up at the time of histological recurrence (y)Cause of biopsyAST/ALT (IU/l) (N<35/N<43)HCV antibody/ HCV RNAAutoantibody titreTreatment
OLT, orthotopic liver tranplantation; NA, not available; AST/ALT, aspartate aminotransferase/alanine aminotransferase; HCV, hepatitis C virus; P, prednisone; C, cyclosporin; A, azathioprine; ANA, antinuclear antibodies; SMA, smooth muscle antibodies; SLA, soluble liver antigen; LKM, liver kidney microsome.
Group 1
    51SMA=1:6403,5/13,15    1Protocol20/25(−)/(−)SMA=1:64010 mg P, 1.2 ml×3 C, 50 mg A
    155SMA=1:6405,7/1,4    2Protocol34/42(−)/(−)SMA=1:640, anti-SLA+10 mg P, (0.5 ml×2) C, 50 mg A
    205NA5,5/3,16    5Protocol48/40(−)/(−)ANA=1:80, SMA=1:160, anti-SLA−10 mg P, 200 mg C, 50 mg A
    421SMA=1:12807,13/3,3    2Protocol54/90(+)/(+)ANA=1:80, anti-SMA=1:80, anti-SLA−10 mg P, 0.5 ml×2 C, 50 mg A
Group 2
    86Anti-LKM=1:6405,5/7,10    0.6Abnormal liver function tests160/405(+)/(+)Anti-LKM−, ANA−, SMA−17.5 mg P, (1 ml×3) C, 50 mg A, 20 mg P, (1 ml×2) C
    145SMA=1:80    3Abnormal liver function tests235/275(−)/(−)ANA=1:640100 A, 10 mg P
    471SMA=1:640/11,13    3Abnormal liver function tests101/185(−)/(−)SMA=1:80, anti-SLA+(1.2×2 ml) C