Table 1

Results of amplification using real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with specific probes for hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1 or HCV genotype 3

Amplification product
Genotype 1 fragmentGenotype 3 fragment
Pool A, 1 part of genotype 1 added to 102 parts of genotype 3; pool B, 1 part of genotype 1 added to 103 parts of genotype 3; pool C, 1 part of genotype 1 added to 104 parts of genotype 3.
Numbers in parentheses are quantitative values (representing a number of PCR cycles) obtained from the crossing point (CP) number at which the increase in the signal associated with exponential growth of PCR products begins to be detected using LightCycler analysis software, according to the manufacturer’s manual.
November 1996NegativePositive (26)
January 1997NegativePositive (28)
October 1997Positive (23)Negative
Pool APositive (28)Positive (22)
Pool BPositive (33)Positive (22)
Pool CPositive (36)Positive (24)
HCV genotype 1Positive (23)Negative
HCV genotype 3NegativePositive (25)
Non-template controlNegativeNegative