Table 1

Patient demographics

Group*Mean (SD) age (y)Males (%)
*Group A included gastric intestinal metaplasia (GIM) tissue away from the cancer areas as well as cancer tissue (surgical specimens) in patients from both Japan (n=35) and New Jersey (n=25).
Group B represents GIM tissue (biopsy specimens) from patients without gastric carcinoma (from Japan (n=31) and New Jersey (n=41))
Group C represents gastric mucosal biopsy specimens with chronic gastritis with or without ulcer, but no GIM.
Age and sex distributions were not statistically different between the three groups.
Group A (n=60)68.8 (10.0)60
Group B (n=72)64.9 (17.5)53
Group C (n=18)62.8 (15)72