Table 2

Comparison of monoclonal antibody mAb Das-1 and mucin staining (alcian blue/periodic acid-Schiff and alcian blue/high iron diamine) in gastric intestinal metaplasia (GIM)*

GIM type on the basis of mucin stain
GIMMAb Das-1 reactivityCompleteIncompleteMixed
*76/132 samples were available for mucin stainings.
†GIM areas only, away from the cancer segments.
‡9/11 (82%) versus 3/30 (10%): p<0.0001.
Group A†(n=35)Positive (n=33) 9‡618
Negative (n=2) 200
Group B (n=41)Positive (n=9) 3‡33
Negative (n=32)2714