Table 3

Colorectal cancer or high grade dysplasia (HGD) arising in the low grade dysplasia (LGD) group (A–C) and no dysplasia group (D–G) between 1991 and 2000

Year of cancer diagnosisAge (y)SexDuration of UC (y)PresentationDukes’ stage
DALM, dysplasia associated mass or lesion; UC, ulcerative colitis.
A: 199869F44LGD in 1980, 1981, 1982. Assessment colonoscopy for relapse in 1998. DALM in transverse. Previous colonoscopy in 1992. Other medical comorbidities prevented more earlier colonoscopy.A
B: 199471M21LGD in 1978. Surveillance colonoscopy in 1994, rectal tumour. Previous colonoscopy in 1992, no dysplasia.C
C: 199543M14LGD in 1989. Surveillance colonoscopy in 1995, HGD in transverse. Died in 1996 from carcinomatosis. Previous colonoscopy in 1993, no dysplasia.C
D: 199767M23Surveillance colonoscopy in 1997. HGD in sigmoid. Previous colonoscopy in 1995, no dysplasia.C
E: 199335M26Defaulted from clinic and presented with relapse. Assessment colonoscopy for relapse in 1993.C
F: 199640M21Defaulted from clinic and admitted to another hospital with bowel obstruction in 1996. Died in 1998 from carcinomatosis.B
G: 199949F28Surveillance colonoscopy in 1999. HGD in rectum in December 1999. Surgery 2000. Previous colonoscopy in 1998 showed active colitis which was treated.HGD only