Table 1

Patient demographics and disease characteristics in the two groups

IFN-β-1a (n=10)Placebo (n=7)
IFN, interferon; UCSS, ulcerative colitis scoring system; Q1, Q3, quartiles 1 and 3.
Sex (male (n))42
Age (y) (median (absolute range))42.2 (32–68)35 (30–63)
Duration of disease (y) (median (absolute range))9.8 (2.6–14.2)9.0 (2.6–40.3)
Extent of disease
    Left sided/pancolitis/backwash ileitis5/4/15/2/0
Extraintestinal manifestations:
    Arthritis/arthralgia, uveitis/iritis, skin (n (%))1 (10%)1 (14.3%)
Chronic autoimmune liver disease (n (%))00
Baseline UCSS (median)9 (7–10)9 (7–12)
Baseline C reactive protein (median (Q1-Q3))4.6 (3.0–8.9)8.2 (3.0–9.4)
Oral 5-ASA use (n (%))5 (71%)7 (70%)
Mean S-ASA use (g)3.8 g/d3.6 g/d