Table 2

Platelet count, spleen diameter, and platelet count/spleen diameter ratio of the subgroup of 145 patients with compensated cirrhosis subdivided according to the presence of oesophageal varices

VariableNOVOVp ValueCut offc index (95% CI)
NOV, no oesophageal varices; OV, oesophageal varices; PLT, platelet count; SD, spleen diameter.
Data are mean (range) or absolute value (95% confidence interval (CI)).
Statistical analysis was carried out using the Mann-Whitney U test.
Parameter cut offs were identified by means of ROC curves.
PLT (n/mm3)156 950 (41 000–508 000)76 535 (34 000–122 000)<0.0001⩽112 0000.880 (0.815–0.928)
SD (mm)114 (90–180)153 (90–230)<0.0001>1210.909 (0.850–0.951)
PLT/SD ratio1435 (365–5080)505 (184–909)<0.0001>9090.921 (0.864–0.959)