Table 2

Patient characteristics in the VSL#3 and placebo groups

VSL#3 (n = 20)Placebo (n = 16)p Value
UC, ulcerative colitis; PDAI, pouchitis disease activity index; IBDQ, inflammatory bowel disease questionnaire.
Sex (M/F)12/88/80.74
Age (y)36 (22–64)36 (27–53)0.97
Age at UC onset (y)24 (12–49)22 (13–37)0.44
Age at pouch surgery (y)33 (14–60)31 (17–51)0.76
Time between ileostomy closure and first pouchitis onset (months)9.5 (0.5–87)15 (0.5–72)0.69
Time since the first pouchitis ever (months)26 (9–168)33 (10–118)0.34
Clinical pattern of pouchitis (relapsing/chronic)14/612/41.0
Extraintestinal manifestations (+/−)0/203/130.08
PDAI score at randomisation3 (1–7)3 (1–4)0.70
IBDQ score at randomisation189 (104–212)169 (154–215)0.38