Table 2

Clinical and laboratory characteristics of the study population

Haemochromatosis (n=12)Iron deficient
Iron replete
p Value
Hb, haemoglobin; Hct, haematocrit; TS, transferrin saturation; SF, serum ferritin concentration.
Laboratory reference ranges for TS, SF, Hb, and Hct are 15–45%, 30–300 μg/l, 135–180 g/l, and 39–52%, respectively.
Data expressed as mean (SD) [range] or median (range).
Pearson’s χ2analysis was used to determine significant differences between groups for sex distribution. For all other variables, ANOVA was used to compare data between the three groups (right hand column) and the Student’s t test to compare data between two specific groups.
*p<0.05 for subjects with hereditary haemochromatosis (HHC) compared with iron deficient or iron replete subjects; †††p<0.001 for iron deficient subjects compared with HHC patients or iron replete subjects; ‡‡‡p<0.001 for HHC subjects compared with both other groups and iron deficient subjects compared with iron replete subjects.
Sex (M:F)9:34:77:60.174
Age (y)44.8 (15.9)* [17–69]60.1 (19.6) [19–80]57.4 (11.6) [39–77]0.05
Hb (g/l)148.8 (14.3)106.2 (17.2)†††142.1 (11.6)<0.001
Hct (%)43.9 (3.9)33.6 (4.4)†††42.9 (2.9)<0.001
TS (%)‡‡‡63.0 (16.0)6.7 (3.1)25.5 (8.6)<0.001
SF (μg/l)‡‡‡900 (39–1806)13 (2–65)137 (31–244)<0.001