Table 3

Correlation between biochemical iron indices, haematological parameters, and expression of DMT1 (IRE) and Ireg1 in non-HHC subjects and patients with HFE related haemochromatosis

Hb, haemoglobin concentration; Hct, haematocrit; TS, transferrin saturation; SF, serum ferritin concentration; HHC, hereditary haemochromatosis DMT1, divalent metal transporter 1; Ireg1, iron regulated gene 1.
Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used to determine whether there was a linear relationship between gene expression of each iron transporter and TS, SF, Hb, or Hct.
Non-HHC subjects (n=23)
    Log DMT1 (IRE)
    Log Ireg1
HHC subjects (n=12)
    Log DMT1 (IRE)
    Log Ireg1