Table 1

 Characteristics of the first five study subjects

Mr YMrs XMr AMr QMr R
PPI, proton pump inhibitors; PmHx, past medical history.
Cannabis use age of onset (y)1917161712
Cyclical vomiting (y)2220223417
Illness duration (y)15mths91234
Cannabis cessationWell for 9mths//2yWell for 4y//2yWell for 18mthsWell for 18mthsDid not cease
Cannabis resumptionVomiting at 8 weeksVomiting at 3mthsNilNILOngoing illness
Compulsive bathingMultiple hot showersMultiple hot bathsMultiple hot bathsMultiple hot showersMultiple hot showers
Prodromal illnessYes (6mths)NoYes (1 y)NoNo
Cannabis dose (daily dose)Heavy (5–10 cones)Light (1–5 cones)Heavy (5–10 cones)Heavy (5–10 cones)Heavy (5–10 cones)
Noted dose response (increased cannabis use)Yes (increased for back pain)Yes (increased for anxiety)
Hospital admissionsMultipleMultipleMultipleMultipleMultiple
IVI fluidsRequiredRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
Cyclical presentation (months)1–22–32–31–23–4
Pyrexia (noted in ward notes)Not notedNotedNot notedNot notedNoted
Weight loss (kg) (during illness)101010Nil10
Weight gain (kg) (on cessation)10 (at 3mths)10 (at 3mths)10 (at 6mths)NilNil
Other illicit drugs usedNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Alcohol abuseNoneNoneNoneNoneModerate
PmHx hyperemesis gravidarumSevere
Psychiatric DxNoneNoneNoneNoneNone