Table 2

 Characteristics of the remaining four study subjects and the case of psychogenic vomiting described in 1996 by de Moore and colleagues (Mr G*)4

Mr JMiss KMr LMr EMr G*
PPI, proton pump inhibitors; PmHx, past medical history.
Cannabis use age of onset (y)1712141814
Cyclical vomiting (y)4414173220
Illness duration (y)436mths63
Cannabis cessationWell for 2yWell for 1yWell for 2yDid not ceaseDid not cease
Cannabis resumptionNilVomiting at 2mthsNilOngoing illnessOngoing illness
Compulsive bathingMultiple hot showersMultiple hot bathsAbsentMultiple hot showersMultiple hot showers
Prodromal illnessNoNoYes (6mths)NoYes
Cannabis dose (daily dose)Heavy (5–10 cones)Moderate (3–4 cones)Heavy (5–10 cones)Heavy (5–10 cones)Heavy (5–10 cones)
Noted dose response (increased cannabis use)Yes (increased for back pain)Yes (increased for anxiety)Yes (increased for anxiety)
Hospital admissionsNilMultipleNilMultipleMultiple
IVI fluidsNilRequiredNilRequiredRequired
Cyclical presentation (months)4–62–333–46–12
Pyrexia (noted in ward notes)Not notedNot noted
Weight loss (kg) (during illness)Nil10Nil107
Weight gain (kg) (on cessation)10 (at 6mths)10 (at 3mths)Nil
Other illicit drugs usedNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Alcohol abuseNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
PmHx hyperemesis gravidarumSevere
Psychiatric DxNoneNoneNoneNone?Anxiety