Table 4

 Clinical characteristics of the remaining four study subjects and the case of psychogenic vomiting described in 1996 by de Moore and colleagues (Mr G*)4

CannabisMr JMiss KMr LMr EMr G*
Hb, haemoglobin; WCC, white cell count; Neut, neutrophils; Plat, platelets; Sod, sodium; Hep/HIV, hepatitis/human immunodeficiency virus; βhCG, beta human chorionic gonadotrophin (pregnancy test); C2H5OH, alcohol.
Haematology (10×9/l)Hb: 143 g/l WCC: 7.7 Neut: 3.9 Plat:234Hb: 144 g/l WCC: 16.8 Neut: 14.4 Plat: 280Hb: 169 g/l WCC: 6.7 Neut: 3.2 Plat: 233Hb: 156 g/l WCC: 9.0 Neut: 5.1 Plat: 288WCC: raised Neut: raised
Biochemistry (mmol/l)Sod: 140, K: 4.7, Cl: 99Sod: 143, K: 3.7, Cl: 103Sod: 139, K: 4.2, Cl: 98Sod: 143, K: 4.5, Cl: 106Normal
Urine drug screen (μg/l)Cannabis onlyCannabis onlyCannabis onlyCannabis onlyCannabis only
Endoscopy (modified Savary-Miller criteria)Grade 2 erosionsNormalMild reflux
Abdominal ultrasoundNegNegNegNegNeg
Barium studiesNegNegNegNeg
Gastric emptying study
Multiple other investigationsNegNegNegNegNeg