Table 3

 Sensitivity, specificity, positive (PPV) and negative (NPV) predictive value of conventional bowel US and contrast enhanced bowel US in detecting one or more small bowel strictures as identified at barium x ray

TPTNFPFNSensitivity (95% CI)Specificity (95% CI)PPVNPV
TP, true positive; TN, true negative; FP, false positive; FN, false negative.
*In this analysis a result was considered to be truly positive when at least one stricture, identified at US, was matched to a lesion seen at small bowel enteroclysis. In other words, each patient was classified simply as a carrier of small bowel stenosis if at least one of these lesions was revealed at x ray.
Conventional bowel US
    At least one small bowel stricture*20705774.0% (72.1–75.8)93.3% (90.9–95.6)80.0%90.9%
    Multiple strictures (two or more)5865455.5% (54.1–56.8)95.5% (93.1–97.8)50.0%95.5%
Contrast enhanced US
    At least one small bowel stricture*24732388.8% (86.5–91.0)97.3% (94.8–99.7)92.3%96.0%
    Multiple strictures (two or more)7892277.7% (75.7–79.6)97.8% (95.3–100)77.7%97.8%