Table 1

Effects of interleukin (IL)-1β and Helicobacter pylori on matrix metalloproteinase 3 (MMP-3) activity of AGS cell conditioned media

SampleInitial reaction velocity
(% of AGS)
Hydrolysis of M2110, an MMP-3 specific synthetic fluorogenic susbstrate, by concentrated serum free culture media of IL-1β treated (0.2–20 ng/ml) and/or H pylori infected (MOI=50) AGS cells and bacterial supernatant alone (Hp).
Data are expressed as a percentage of the initial reaction velocity of MMP-3 activity in untreated AGS cell conditioned medium (mean (SEM)).
Medium refers to cell culture medium alone and AGS refers to untreated/uninfected AGS cell conditioned medium (n=3).
MMP-3 activity of every sample was significantly different from AGS (**p<0.01). Interaction between IL-1β and H pylori, as calculated by two way ANOVA, was p<0.001.
AGS100 (5)
AGS+IL-1β (0.2 ng/ml)144 (26)**
AGS+IL-1β (2 ng/ml)149 (20)**
AGS+IL-1β (20 ng/ml)199 (11)**
AGS+Hp2375 (11)**
AGS+Hp+IL-1β (0.2 ng/ml)2042 (12)**
AGS+Hp+IL-1β (2 ng/ml)1662 (6)**
AGS+Hp+IL-β (20 ng/ml)1944 (7)**
Helicobacter pylori 291 (39)**
Medium11 (8)**