Table 3

 Multivariate generalised linear modelling: influence of disease severity, hospitalisation, and diagnosis on total six month resource use for a cohort of inflammatory bowel disease patients

VariableCoefficient (SE)Relative increase in costs associated with variable (baseline = 1)p Value
†Increase when ulcerative colitis or indeterminate colitis compared to Crohn’s disease (that is, baseline category: Crohn’s disease).
‡Baseline category: remission.
Diagnosis†0.17 (0.07)1.18 (1.03,1.35)0.014
Hospitalisation2.04 (0.12)7.65 (6.11,9.60)<0.001
Disease severity‡<0.001
Mild disease1.03 (0.11)2.80 (2.26,3.47)
Severe disease, drug responsive1.25 (0.14)3.47 (2.66,4.54)
Severe disease, drug dependent1.64 (0.13)5.13 (3.99,6.60)
Severe disease, drug refractory1.63 (0.16)5.09 (3.71,7.00)
Surgery2.23 (0.21)9.32 (6.20,13.99)
Post surgical remission0.13 (0.16)1.14 (0.83,1.57)
Constant5.05 (0.11)<0.001