Table 1

 Patient characteristics and clinical, endoscopic, and histopathological findings for the 929 patients included in the study

OGJ, oesophagogastric junction.
Clinical data
    Sex (M/F)51.3%/48.7%
    Age (y) (mean (SD))50.1 (13.6)
    Heartburn at least once a week:58.8%
    Use of proton pump inhibitors:24.4%
Endoscopic findings
    Hiatal hernia39.2%
    Reflux oesophagitis19.7%
    Suspicion of Barrett’s oesophagus (long/short)11.8% (2.0%/9.8%)
Histopathological findings
    Intestinal metaplasia at the OGJ16.3%
    Helicobacter pylori associated gastritis33.4%
    Intestinal metaplasia in the stomach15.0%