Table 2

Multivariate logistic regression models* of the association between antibiotic use and subsequent diagnosis of Crohn’s disease

OR95% CI
OR, odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
*All models include age and sex as cofactors in addition to those listed.
†Drugs other than antibiotics represents prescriptions for all other drugs with the exception of antibiotics, and the OR is for moving from one quartile of prescription density to the next.
‡For antibiotics the OR is for a comparison of any prescription for that group against none.
All subjects
    Smoking status unknown0.860.64–1.16
    Drugs other than antibiotics†1.541.38–1.70
Subjects with no symptoms or GI drugs 3–5 y pre-diagnosis only
    Smoking status unknown0.790.52–1.18
    Drugs other than antibiotics1.191.03–1.38