Table 1

 Subject characteristics (mean (SEM))

d-IBS patients (n = 14)Controls (n = 14)Patients v controls (p value†)
d-IBS, diarrhoea-predominant IBS; MINI, mini international neuropsychiatric interview; HAM-D17, 17 item Hamilton depression rating scale; SCL-90, symptom checklist; GSI, global severity index; HADS, hospital anxiety and depression rating scale.
*Significant difference between groups.
†Independent samples t tests comparing d-IBS patients versus control subjects.
‡Four subjects had a psychiatric diagnosis: depression, agoraphobia, social phobia, and anxiety disorder, respectively.
Sex (F/M) (n)8/68/6
Oral contraceptives (n)6/86/8
Age34.1 (3.0)33.9 (3.8)0.7
Intelligence quotient106 (3.6)110 (3.0)0.5
Body mass index23.3 (1.0)22.9 (0.7)0.7
Alcohol units/day0.61 (0.2)0.52 (0.1)0.8
Cigarettes/day2.71 (1.2)1.43 (0.9)0.2
Diagnosis on MINI4‡0
HAM-D173.64 (1.1)0.86 (0.3)0.03*
SCL-90 (GSI)114 (6.3)97.4 (2.3)0.02*
HADS (total)5.14 (0.9)3.93 (0.9)0.34