Table 4

Adjusted mean for possible mediating and outcome measures—those with and without a reported history of childhood adversity

No reported childhood adversity (n = 93)*Reported childhood adversity (n = 40)*p Value†
*Values are mean (SEM).
†Adjusted for age, sex, socioeconomic status, and diagnosis.
‡SF36 physical component summary score and SF36 mental component summary score.
VAS, visual analogue scale; HADS, hospital anxiety and depression scale.
Pain score (VAS)55.3 (2.9)59.9 (4.4)0.391
HAD total (“distress score”)13.5 (0.8)17.7 (1.2)0.006
Marked social difficulties score2.3 (0.4)1.7 (0.2)0.22
Outcome measures
    SF36 physical‡42.3 (1.2)36.7 (1.8)0.014
    SF36 mental‡45.5 (1.1)40.9 (1.7)0.031
    Follow up SF36 change in healthχ2
        Same/improved61 (69.3%)19 (57.6%)1.48
        Worse27 (30.7%)14 (42.4%)p = 0.156