Table 1

Consultand knowledge of all cancer types in relatives

Interviewee groupRelative groupNo of relativesNo (%) for whom interviewee could supply health informationNo of relatives with confirmed cancer*No (%) of affected relatives in which cancer was reportedTotal No of cancers†No (%) of cancers accurately reported
*This column refers to the total number of relatives in a particular group found by ISD linkage to have had cancer.
†This column describes the total number of primary cancers occurring in relatives, including multiple primary cancers.
FDR, first degree relatives; SDR, second degree relatives.
CasesFDR13221250 (95%)215152 (71%)240106 (44%)
CasesSDR1968713 (36%)27484 (31%)29342 (14%)
ControlsFDR1037991 (96%)11376 (67%)12451 (41%)
ControlsSDR1310671 (51%)18977 (41%)20236 (18%)