Table 3

Sensitivity of interview as a means of identifying familial cancer cases, by site

SiteRelative groupNo of cases*No of cases correctly reportedSensitivity of interviewee report (95% CI)
*Where more than one primary cancer occurred at the same site, it was not possible to determine whether the interviewee was aware of both of these tumours. Therefore, where metachronous primary cancers occurred, only the first is considered.
FDR, first degree relatives; SDR, second degree relatives; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
ColorectalFDR70390.557 (0.441, 0.668)
ColorectalSDR78230.295 (0.205, 0.404)
BreastFDR28210.750 (0.566, 0.873)
BreastSDR37110.297 (0.175, 0.458)
Bronchus and lungFDR66370.561 (0.441, 0.674)
Bronchus and lungSDR67100.149 (0.083, 0.253)
StomachFDR30120.400 (0.246, 0.577)
StomachSDR64110.172 (0.099, 0.282)