Table 1

Mice with defects in organised gut associated lymphoid tissue development induced by gene defects or by gestational or postgestational treatment (modified from Mebius7)

Gene deficient/treated micePPMLNReference
aly, alymphoplasia inducing gene; CC, CXC/R/L, CC, CX chemokine/receptor/ligand; G alpha i2, G protein αi2; Id2, inhibitor of the helix loop helix; γc, common cytokine receptor γ chain; Ikaros, member of the Kruppel family of zinc finger DNA binding proteins; ikkα, inhibitor of κBα; IL-7, interleukin 7; Jak3, janus kinase 3; LTα/β, -R, lymphotoxin α/β, -receptor; LTβRIgG, lymphotoxin β receptor-IgG fusion protein; MLN, mesenteric LN; NFκB, nuclear factor κB; NIK, NFκB inducing kinase; Relb, NFκB family transcription factor; Rorγ, retinoid related orphan receptor γ; PP, Peyer’s patches; TNF, tumour necrosis factor; TNFR, tumour necrosis factor receptor; TRAF, TNF receptor associated factor; TRANCE(R), TNF related activation induced cytokine (receptor).
LTα−/−, LTβR−/−, Nik−/−, aly/aly 19, 20, 25, 81– 83
NFκB2−/− + 84
Relb−/− 85
LTβ−/− + 21, 26, 86
Light−/− x LTβ−/− <MLN than LTβ−/− 34
TNF−/− Reduced number+ 31, 87
TNFR-I (55 kDa)−/− Reduced number+ 30, 31
LTα−/+ x LTβ+/− + 88
Galpha i2−/− Reduced in number+ 89, 90
Ikkα−/− Not done 91
Trance−/−, Trancer−/−, Traf 6−/− + 92– 95
Ikaros−/− 96, 97
Rorγ−/− 98, 99
IL7R−/−, Jak3−/−, γc−/− + 12, 13, 16
Id2−/− 100
IL-7−/− ? 15
Cxcr5−/−, Cxcl 13−/− 0–2Reduced number 101, 102
Gestational LTβRIgG treatment+ 22
Gestational LTβRIgG and TNFRIgG treatment− or few 24