Table 3

Comparison of the diagnostic yields of the higher risk criteria in patients referred to either the two week standard or routine colorectal surgical outpatient clinics

CriteriaTwo week standard clinicsColorectal surgical outpatient clinics
General practitioner dataHospital clinician dataHospital clinician data
No of cancers/all patients%No%No%
*Includes two patients with unknown history.
B, rectal bleeding; C, change in bowel habit; P, perianal symptoms; +, symptom present; −, symptom absent.
1. +B +C28/20213.9%26/17015.3%10/2943.4%
2. +C −B >60 y17/2786.7%11/1726.4%6/1185.1%
3. +B −C −P >60 y17/16010.6%4/3112.9%5/3315.2%
4. Abdominal mass7/4316.3%4/2218.2%2/1811.1%
5. Rectal mass12/5322.6%13/2846.4%7/1741.2%
6. Iron deficiency anaemia6/5510.9%6/5311.3%3/1030.0%
Other referrals7/274*2.5%12/13260.9%