Table 4

Proportion of cancers with each of the Department of Health (DoH) higher risk criteria‡

DoH higher risk criteriaTwo week clinicAll other clinicsAll clinics
*Some patients had more than one higher risk criteria.
†In 12 patients the full criteria were unknown.
‡As determined by hospital examination.
B, rectal bleeding; C, change in bowel habit; P, perianal symptoms; +, symptom present; −, symptom absent.
1. +B +C2640%2328%4933%
2. +C −B ⩾60 y1117%1417%2517%
3. +B −C −P >60 y46%810%128%
4. Abdominal mass46%911%139%
5. Rectal mass1320%1215%2517%
6. Iron deficiency anaemia69%1620%2215%
7. Total with at least one of the DoH criteria5889%6782%12585%
8. Cancer with none of higher risk criteria711%1518%2215%
Total cancers65*82†147†