Table 3

Methylation of four methylated in tumours (MINTs 1, 2, 12, and 31) and five genes (hMLH1, HPP1, MGMT, p14ARF, p16INK4A) of polyps in satellite hyperplastic polyps (HP) associated with distal cancers and hyperplastic polyposis. The mutation rate in K-ras (codon 12 or 13) is also indicated

HistologyMINT1 (%)MINT2 (%)MINT12 (%)MINT31 (%)hMLH1 (%)HPP1 (%)MGMT (%)p14ARF (%)p16INK4A (%)K-ras (%)
HP includes traditional HP and HP variant. MP is a mixed polyp combining SSP and adenoma. SA is serrated adenoma.
*Probability is significantly different for the extent of methylation of HP in the two different clinical conditions. Polyps for patient I.7 were not included in the calculation as the pathology showed serrated adenomas. Likewise, the adenoma of patient II.2 was not included.
Distal cancer with satellite HP
HP*5/22 (23)7/22 (32)5/22 (23)5/22 (23)0/22 (0)4/20 (20)8/22 (36)9/22 (41)8/22 (36)4/22 (18)
Hyperplastic polyposis
HP*14/47 (30)33/47 (70)31/47 (66)33/47 (70)6/47 (13)38/44 (86)27/47 (57)43/47 (91)34/47 (72)6/47 (13)