Table 4

Ultrastructural studies of eosinophils in the duodenal mucosa of study subjects

Type of changeHealthy controls (n = 25)†O1 patients (day2) (n = 40)O1 patients (day 7) (n = 34)O1 patients (day 30) (n = 27)O139 patients (day 2) (n = 10)O139 patients (day 7) (n = 12)O139 patients (day 30) (n = 13)
†n = number of eosinophils studied ultrastructurally.
‡Percentages of cells with the particular type of activation that were studied.
*p<0.05, χ2 or Fisher’s exact test was used to determine statistically significant differences between patients at the different stages of infection and healthy controls.
PMD, piecemeal degranulation.
PMD (1+)2019217103331
PMD (2+ to 3+)478*77*88*60*1616
PMD (core)0715*19*0168
PMD (matrix)1243*44*2650*258
PMD (core and matrix)448*35*48*2080
Degranulation and activation863*79*59*60*42*23