Table 1

Characteristics of the 202 patients who had an appendicectomy after their first admission for ulcerative colitis or haemorrhagic proctitis (UC), and 808 reference subjects matched for age, sex, and time of onset. Subjects were identified in the Danish National Patient Registry, January 1981 to December 1999

Patients with appendicectomy (n = 202)Reference subjects (n = 808)
*Values are mean (SD).
Men (n)84 (42%)336 (42%)
Age at UC onset (y)*38.6 (18.0)38.7 (17.7)
Age at appendicectomy/index date (y)*43.3 (17.8)43.4 (17.6)
Follow up after UC onset (y)*10.77 (5.2)10.99 (5.1)
    Before appendicectomy/index date4.72 (4.3)4.72 (4.3)
    After appendicectomy/index date6.05 (4.7)6.26 (4.7)
No of UC admissions2881055
    Before appendicectomy/index date171 (59%)631 (60%)
    After appendicectomy/index date117 (41%)424 (40%)
Incidence of UC admissions (per year)
    Before appendicectomy/index date0.17930.1654
    After appendicectomy/index date0.09580.0838