Table 2

Distributions (%) of irritable bowel syndrome and chronic abdominal pain phenotypes, and controls, in each genotype category

n*Controls (%)IBS-C (%)IBS-D (%)IBS-Alt (%)CAP (%)
*A total of 396 (276 patients and 120 controls) had SLC6A4, 387 had α2C Del 322−325, and 392 had α2A −1291(C→G) genotypes assayed.
IBS-C, irritable bowel syndrome with predominant constipation; IBS-D, irritable bowel syndrome with predominant diarrhoea; IBS-Alt, irritable bowel syndrome with alternating bowel function; CAP, chronic abdominal pain.
SLC6A4 wild-type137272630125
    Homozygous polymorphism7433203575
    Any polymorphism25932213485
α2C Del 322–325 wild-type34832213395
    Homozygous polymorphism8253825120
    Any polymorphism39233328133
α2A −1291 (C→G) wild-type21033193495
    Homozygous polymorphism2236323200
    Any polymorphism182282631105