Table 1

Histopathological and clinical data of 25 gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs)

SampleDiagnosis*Histology†Follow up‡Survival (months)Sex/age (y)SiteSize (cm)Mitosis/50 HPF
*Diagnosis as per records of the primary tumours: Bn, benign; Mg, malignant; UMP, uncertain malignant potential.
†Sp, spindle; Ep, epitheloid.
‡D, died of other causes, DOD, died of disease; ANED, alive no evidence of disease; AWD, alive with disease; rec, recurrence; met, metastasis; NA, not available.
HPF, high power field.
GIST 1BnSpANED53M/63Stomach3.51
GIST 2BnEpANED50M/40Stomach3.31
GIST 3BnEpANED57M/45Stomach4.52
GIST 4MgSpAWD, met75F/47Stomach630
GIST 5MgSpNANAM/44Stomach176
GIST 6MgSpAWD, rec36M/41Stomach1830
GIST 7MgSpANED51M/63Rectum116
GIST 8MgSpANED48F/69Stomach1244
GIST 9MgEpAWD, rec54M/44Stomach1717
GIST 10UMPSpANED52M/52Stomach71
GIST 11UMPEpANED52F/61Stomach71
GIST 12UMPSpDOD, rec52F/64Rectum100
GIST 13UMPEpANED43M/67Stomach7.50
GIST 14UMPEpDOD, rec21M/64Rectum134
GIST 15UMPSpDOD, rec (mi>100)12M/64Intestine16.51
GIST 16MgSpAWD, met78F/69Stomach6.512
GIST 17MgEpDOD26M/70Stomach13120
GIST 18MgSpAWD, met58F/47Rectum5.616
GIST 19MgEpDOD, met25F/53Stomach7.940
GIST 20MgEpAWD, rec40M/61Stomach1715
GIST 21BnSpANED84M/58Stomach42
GIST 22BnSpD, sigmoid carcinoma14M/68Stomach0.50
GIST 23BnSpD21F/85Stomach2.50
GIST 24BnSpANED34M/52Stomach0.70
GIST 25BnSpD, renal failure1F/84Stomach1.80