Table 3

 Candidate genes in the regions of linkage observed in this genome scan

RegionMarkerCandidate genes
VCAM-1, vascular cell adhesion molecule 1; IL, interleukin; DAP-3, death associated protein 3; MUC-1, mucin 1; MRC-1, mannose receptor C type 1; API1, apoptosis inhibitor 1; DAD-1, defender against cell death 1; MMP, matrix metalloproteinase.
1p32D1S197VCAM-1, IL-12Rβ2
1p13-1q3D1S252-D1S305DAP-3, IL-6R, MUC-1
4q27-31D4S406IL-21, IL-15
6q16-27D6S314Schizophrenia susceptibility locus, IDDM-15
10p12-15D10S191-D10S197-D10S220MRC-1, IL-2R, IL-15Rα, transcription factors
11q22D11S35-D11S927MMP-1,3,12,13,20, API1 and 2
14q11-12D14S80-D14S49-D14S50DAD-1, MMP-14, T-cell Ag receptor polypeptides
20p12D20S192Signal regulatory proteins
XqDXS990IL-2Rγ; IL-13Rα2