Table 1

Macroscopic classification by video endoscopy (n = 94)*

Macroscopic type (Nishi 24)AdenoCa (n = 77)*SCC (n = 17)*Total (n = 94)sm infiltration (n = 25)
*Six patients were excluded due to missing histology (four in the adenocarcinoma group and two in the SCC group).
AdenoCa, adenocarcinoma; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; sm, submucosa.
Type I92117/11
Type IIa262284/28
Type IIb164201/20
Type IIc2132/3
Type III4151/5
Type IIa+b8190/9
Type IIa+c157229/22
Type IIb+c1010/1
Type I+IIa1121/2