Table 2

Patient survival, stent patency, and complications

Covered EMSUncovered EMSp Value
*Period between stent insertion and death of patients.
†Period between stent insertion and obstruction or patient death with patent stent.
‡p was calculated by the log rank test for comparison between groups.
Survival (days) (mean (range))*255 (11–1155)237 (12–810)NS‡
Stent patency (days) (mean (range))*225 (11–1155)193 (12–810)NS‡
Stent obstruction†8 (14%)21 (38%)<0.001
    Mean period until obstruction (days)304 (90–649)161 (1–548)<0.05
        Tumour ingrowth016<0.001
        Tumour overgrowth42NS
        Food scraps02NS
        Crushed stent10NS
    Other complications
Thirty day mortality (%)1 (1.8%)1 (1.8%)NS
Mean number of re-interventions0.32 (0.78)0.72 (1.04)<0.05
Mean total costs ($)3901.3 (1636.0)5129.1 (2950.6)<0.05