Table 2

Clinical and laboratory characteristics in coeliac patients who had extrajejunal tissue removed

Patient NoSex/age (y)Symptoms and signsRemoved tissueIndication for biopsy/removalRoutine histologySerum EMA titreJejunal biopsy histologyOutcome on a gluten free dietColocalisation of antibody deposits with TG2
*Also with immunohistochemistry for T and B cell markers.
†Also with histochemistry and electron microscopy.
EMA, serum endomysial antibodies; PVA, partial villous atrophy with crypt hyperplasia; SVA, subtotal villous atrophy; TG2, transglutaminase type 2; HBsAg, hepatitis B surface antigen; ND, not done.
1M/13Anaemia, iron deficiency, mesenterial lymph node and right testis enlargementMesenterial lymph nodeSuspicion of malignancyNormal*640 (IgA)SVAMarked clinical improvement, normal villiYes
Testis biopsySuspicion of malignancyNormalND
2F/14Diarrhoea, weight loss, anaemia, mesenterial lymph node enlargementMesenterial lymph nodeSuspicion of malignancyNormal640 (IgA)SVASymptom free, refused a control jejunal biopsyYes
AppendixTechnical at laparoscopyNormalYes
3M/18Progressive gait disturbance, known but not treated coeliac diseaseSkeletal muscle biopsySuspicion of progressive neuromuscular diseaseNormal†40 (IgA)PVAImproved gait, normal villiYes
4F/3Cystic fibrosis, anaemia, steatorrhoea, parvovirus B19 infection, elevated liver transaminase valuesLiver biopsyAcute liver enlargementSteatosis320 (IgA)SVADied of progressive liver failure. Near normal villi at autopsyYes
5F/12Elevated liver transaminase values, selective IgA deficiencyLiver biopsyHBsAg positivityNormal5120 (IgG)SVASymptom free, control jejunal biopsy not doneYes
6M/3Proteinuria, selective IgA deficiencyKidney biopsyProteinuriaMesangial IgG deposition1280 (IgG)SVASymptom free, normal villiND