Table 1

Prevalence estimates for gastrointestinal (GI) diagnosis according to GI alarm symptoms

Lower GI disease v IBSUpper GI disease v FD
Lower GI organic disease (n = 66) (%)IBS (n = 214) (%)Upper GI organic disease (n = 251) (%)FD (n = 70) (%)
IBS, irritable bowel syndrome; FD, functional dyspepsia.
*p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001.
Age >45 y56.137.9**57.847.1
Age >50 y45.523.4***45.834.3
Age >55 y36.414.5***32.722.9
Female sex51.578.0***52.662.9
Nocturnal pain43.956.143.052.9
Blood coating stools19.77.0*4.84.3
Blood mixed with stools19.77.9**3.62.9
Blood on the toilet paper42.421.0***13.911.4
Recurrent vomiting13.612.19.68.6
Severe pain33.354.2**33.940.0
Weekly pain59.174.8**52.661.4
Altered bowel habit48.553.327.525.7
Weight loss <7 lb16.114.88.514.3
Weight loss >7 lb16.
Decreased appetite19.725.216.328.6*