Table 1

Demographic details of patients treated with single dose ALA-PDT (PDT100), fractionated dose ALA-PDT (PDT20+100), or APC

PDT100 (n = 13)PDT20+100 (n = 13)APC (n = 14)
ALA, 5-aminolevulinic acid; APC, argon plasma coagulation; BO, Barrett’s oesophagus; LGD, low grade dysplasia; PDT, photodynamic therapy.
No significant differences between the groups.
Age (y) (median (range))57 (52–72)61 (57–69)60 (41–69)
Sex (M/F)10/310/311/3
BO length (cm) (median (range))3 (2–5)3 (3–4)3 (3–4)
Histology of BO
    No dysplasia10111
Follow up in months (median (range))12 (9–18)12 (6–24)12 (9–21)
Mean dose of omeprazole (mg) (median (range))46 (40–80)45 (40–80)51 (40–80)