Table 3

Barrett’s oesophagus during follow up in patients treated with single dose ALA-PDT (PDT100), fractionated dose ALA-PDT (PDT20+100), or APC, in some patients followed by treatment with APC for residual Barrett’s oesophagus

Follow up (months)PDT100 groupPDT20+100 groupAPC group
Endoscopic BO (%)Histological BO (%)Endoscopic BO (%)Histological BO (%)Endoscopic BO (%)Histological BO (%)
*NA, not applicable.
ALA, 5-aminolevulinic acid; APC, argon plasma coagulation; BO, Barrett’s oesophagus; PDT, photodynamic therapy.
No significant differences between the groups.
60/131/13 (8)0/120/121/14 (7)3/14 (21)
121/11 (9)2/11 (18)0/101/10 (10)2/12 (17)4/12 (33)
182/8 (25)2/8 (25)0/81/8 (12)2/9 (22)3/9 (33)