Table 2

 Interleukin 1β mRNA expression in the intestinal mucosa of post-infective irritable bowel syndrome (PI-IBS) and non-PI-IBS patients and controls

LocationPI-IBS (n = 15)Non-PI-IBS (n = 15)Control (n = 12)Fp Value
Values shown in the table are relative intensities of expression of each sample calculated over the intensity of β-actin expression. Expression of interleukin 1β mRNA in PI-IBS patients was significantly higher than that in non-PI-IBS patients or in controls (p<0.01). Expression was not significantly different (p>0.05) between non-PI-IBS patients and controls.
Ileum2.73 (0.64)1.38 (0.26)1.50 (0.32)27.06<0.01
Rectosigmoid2.32 (0.42)1.24 (0.28)1.27 (0.27)26.69<0.01