Table 1

 Sensory thresholds to electrical stimulation (ES) of the rectum

First stage (saline)Second stage (αhCRH 9–41)p Value
Data are expressed as mean (SEM) (mA). There was no significant change between the two stages of the experiment by the paired t test. However, all thresholds in the antagonist stage (second stage) showed higher mean values than those in the saline stage (first stage).
IBS, irritable bowel syndrome; αhCRH, α-helical corticotropin releasing hormone.
    First sensation (E)18.3 (3.2)19.5 (3.5)0.66
    Discomfort (E)24.4 (3.9)29.6 (3.8)0.059
    Pain (E)30.4 (3.9)36.3 (4.1)0.065
    First sensation (E)17.9 (2.8)20.7 (3.0)0.46
    Discomfort (E)23.7 (3.6)29.0 (3.6)0.13
    Pain (E)31.8 (3.8)37.8 (4.0)0.13