Table 1

 Baseline autonomic nervous system (ANS) measures

ANS measureControlsIBSSubject group effect
Males (n = 29)Females (n = 22)Males (n = 64)Females (n = 63)
Values are mean (SD).
IBS, irritable bowel syndrome; PPHF, peak power high frequency; PPR, peak power ratio.
Mean baseline values of PPHF (parasympathetic) and PPR (sympathetic balance) are shown for male and female IBS and control subjects. A significant effect of subject group was seen for both PPHF and PPR.
PPHF41.6 (22.2)44.1 (18.9)31.5 (13.8)45.2 (20.8)p = 0.001
PPR2.0 (1.5)1.6 (0.9)3.2 (2.6)1.7 (1.1)p<0.001