Table 2

 Baseline autonomic nervous system (ANS) measures of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients by bowel habit

ANS measureIBS-A (n = 45)IBS-C (n = 27)IBS-D (n = 55)
Values are mean (SD).
IBS-C, constipation predominant IBS; IBS-D, diarrhoea predominant IBS; IBS-A, alternating bowel habit of IBS; SC, skin conductance; PPHF, peak power high frequency; PPR, peak power ratio.
Mean values for autonomic measures by bowel habit (IBS-C, IBS-D, IBS-A) are shown. There was no significant difference between bowel habit subgroups for SC (p = 0.32), PPHF (p = 0.18), or PPR (p = 0.12).
SC4.3 (4.0)3.0 (1.4)3.9 (3.6)
PPHF37.3 (17.6)44.0 (19.8)35.9 (19)
PPR2.3 (1.5)1.9 (1.0)2.9 (2.8)