Table 2

 PSC-IBD versus UC

Clinical parameterPSC-IBD (n (%))UC (n (%))p Value (OR (CI))
PSC, primary sclerosing cholangitis; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; UC, ulcerative colitis; OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.
*Excluded from this row, four patients with pure ileal PSC and three patients with incomplete colonic site data.
†p adjusted for extensive colitis; p = 0.10 for univariate analysis of immunosuppression versus patient group; p = 0.009 for immunosuppression and extensive colitis adjusted for patient group, OR = 2.0 (CI 1.2–3.4).
‡All 16 cancer/high grade dysplasia patients had extensive disease (p<0.0001).
Extensive colitis*
    Yes70 (99)121 (41)100 (14–727)
    Yes13 (17)76 (26)0.36 (0.17–0.77)
    Yes25 (32)71 (24)
High grade dysplasia35
Colon cancer44
    Total7 (9)9 (1.4)0.029‡
3.6 (1.3–10.2)