Table 4

 Clinical behaviour in primary sclerosing cholangitis patients by prior appendicectomy

Clinical parameterApp+ (n (%))App− (n (%))p Value
App+, prior appendicectomy; App−, no appendicectomy prior to diagnosis.
PSC, primary sclerosing cholangitis; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; CholangioCa, cholangiocarcinoma.
*Seven colectomy cases for which histological verification was not possible were excluded. There were 11 (of 18) colectomy cases for treatment of colitis, none of which demonstrated severe colitis.
    Liver transplant
        Yes9 (47)32 (55)
    Extensive colitis
        Yes19 (100)51 (98)
        Yes3 (16)10 (17)
    Immunosuppression or colectomy for colitis*
        Yes4 (29)19 (36)
    All colectomy
        Yes6 (32)19 (33)
    High grade dysplasia21
    Colorectal cancer13
        Total3 (16)4 (7)0.35
Pure PSC
    Liver transplant
        Yes2 (50)4 (50)
    Liver transplant
        Yes11 (48)36 (55)
    CholangioCa0 (0)3 (5)0.57